How to find the best place for the IR Emitter Wand

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How to find the location of the IR sensor in the equipment front panel

This is a common issue, particularly if you want to make a neat looking installation by using one of the Keene IR shields. Your first port of call should be your equipment manual as often the manufacturer will show the IR sensor location. The next easiest option is to use a torch and have a very close look at the equipment fascia. There is often a visible change in colour or density over the area that conceals the sensor. Failing that then a surefire method of finding the exact position of the IR sensor is by using a piece of card or stiff paper.

Start off by using the card to block one half of the fascia and try operating it with the remote. If the equipment responds then you know the sensor is on the unblocked half or vice-versa. Now fold the card or cut it into a narrower strip and move it along the fascia whilst continually trying the remote. When you reach a position where the equipment stops responding you can be sure that the card is covering the sensor. Now cut a small circular hole approx 20mm diameter into the card and move it slowly around until the equipment responds again. Now you know the precise location of the receiver and the best place to attach your IR emitter!

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