KSAS K2Audio Simple Audio Setup

The KSAS web page connects to the KLABXBG2 amplifier by means a of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection. This provides a web serial connection and allows easy adjustment of certain parameters without the need to use a programming cable. There are two important considerations:
Browser - at time of writing web-serial is still considered experimental and is not supported by all web browsers.  We recommend Chrome as this has best compatibility for all devices except iOS phones and tablets. Although these can use a chrome app this does not support web serial. For iOS devices we recommend the Bluefy browser which can be found on the iOS App Store. 
Adjustments - click and drag to adjust the sliders. The changed level is sent to the amplifier at the point the slider is released. As each adjustment takes a couple of seconds to be stored please exercise a little patience when making any adjustments. It can be possible to move and release a slider whilst the previous adjustment is still being written. A quick way to check is to click on “Read-Info” as this will retrieve the last stored value of all settings. The text log will also provide confirmation.


This is a trimmer that can be adjusted to set the maximum output level and determine how loud (or quiet) the amplifier will be in use. It is NOT intended to be used as an everyday volume control as that should be controlled by the bluetooth device, usually a mobile phone or tablet with the volume increased or decreased by a small percentage with a keypress. It is particularly worth checking that the minimum volume level (as set by your device) corresponds to the lowest level of background music that you find comfortable. The KLABXBG2 is very powerful and it is rare that the maximum volume would be found insufficient. The GAIN control provide a wide range of adjustment from -50dB to maximum volume at 0dB(no attenuation). Please be aware that as with any amplifier some background level of hiss will become apparent if all controls are set to maximum. We recommend leaving the Gain set at factory default and using it as a means to limit the maximum volume if required.

These trimmers can be used to tune your loudspeakers to your installation environment. It is recommended to set the source device tone controls to “off” or “flat” so that the effect of the KLABXBG2 trimmers can best be judged. Once you are happy with the relative levels these should be left static and any future adjustments made using the EQ on the source device.

Bluetooth Name
If desired you can enter a custom name for the amplifier. You can use up to 26 characters including spaces. Please note that if you have paired with the device before changing the name you may need to “forget” the device and re-pair before the name change will be recognised. If changed the bluetooth module will reboot and the KSAS page will need to be reconnected to make any further adjustments.

By default the amplifier is set for “simple secure pairing” and no PIN is required to establish a connection. Here you can set a custom PIN and this will be required before pairing can be established. If you have paired with the device before setting a PIN you may need to “forget” the device and re-pair before the PIN will be required. If changed the bluetooth module will reboot and the KSAS page will need to be reconnected to make any further adjustments.

Touch to mute
The front panel contains a capacitive touch sensor. Placing your hand over the front panel will cause the amplifier to mute its output, indicated by both red and Blue LED’s being constantly illuminated. Touching the panel again will release the mute. Note that Mute will NOT pause any bluetooth music it simply disables the audio output. Also note that once triggered there is a required pause of at least three seconds before the touch panel sensor can be triggered again. The Touch sensor is disabled by default, use the toggle switch to enable.

Voltage Mute
This can be connected to an external system such as an alarm panel or PA system and used to mute the audio output. It can be set to mute if the pin goes high (3~12v) or mute if the pin goes low. Here you can choose whether the voltage mute is active and if active choose whether the system should mute when the pin is high (between 3v and 12v) or low (0v).

Standby LED
When in standby with no active connection the only active light will be the red LED. If fitted into a bedroom and you wish for total darkness at night you can optionally set this to be extinguished when in standby. A soon as the amplifier is activated by means of bluetooth connection or line input the LEDs will resume normal operation.

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