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ESP32 Breakout Board Mk2


A no-soldering development board for the ESP32 chipset. Use as a test-bed for your espressif programming or program with the wonderful ESPHome to make easy add-ons for your Home Assistant system. All essential pins are connected to screw terminals or pin headers. Easily connect to displays, relays, sensors, LED strips etc. For use with the ESP32 Devkit C4 or NODEMCU32S modules ONLY.

The updated Mk2 version now has extra DC connectors, extra ground connectors and two of the GPIOs have a bi-directional 5v level shifter.

Compatible with Eclipse, platformIO, Arduino, ESPHome
Program with USB micro cable or on board USB-TTL header pins
DC input socket use any PSU rated 7.5 up to 14v
Screw terminals for all IO pins
On-board IR Receiver
Eclipse built dev program available

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