ESP32 Modules

This PCB is designed to accomodate either a nodeMCU or an ESP32 Devkit C4 module ONLY. There are many “devkit” ESP32 modules available but all have variations in the way that the pin-outs are assigned. Whilst other modules will almost certainly fit into this PCB the pinouts may not tally with the labels and crucially the ground and voltage connections may be incorrect. This may result in damage to both the module and the PCB. Please take care!

The ESP32devkit C4 is slightly wider than the nodeMCU as can be seen in the photo opposite. For this reason the PCB has two rows of sockets, the inner row is for the nodeMCU and the outer row for the devkit C4. When fitting the module ensure that the USB connector faces towards the centre of the PCB and that the pins are aligned with the connector as shown. It is easy to insert the module with the pins either side of where they should be. If you sometimes wear reading glasses please put them on for this step!


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