Learning IR Tips 

The IR receiver within the KIRACCS module is a dedicated IC designed specifically for this purpose. It will work best when the remote control is aimed directly at the IR Learn window at a distance of between 12 and 50cm. 

Try to perform the learning away from other strong sources of IR such as direct sunlight or bright fluorescent lighting. 

The timings for remote controls are quite lax and 2 remote controls controlling the same device will often vary in the figures produced. These figures can be as much as 10% out and still work in most cases. If learning a complete remote control it is a good idea to spend a few minutes just getting familiar with the IR code produced. Turn on code logging, start learning - press a couple of buttons for about 3 seconds each - stop the learning Look at the log file with notepad or similar text viewer. It is easy to see the general format of the code produced and to spot any short or malformed codes.

For some IR codes the code length will be the same regardless of which button is pressed while for others the length will change from one button to another (UK SKY is an example of this).