kira wt-connections

1 Expansion Port
Connects to the Kira module to the expansion module for wired ethernet and RS232 sockets.
2 Auxiliary IR socket
The Kira module contains a built in high accuracy infrared receiver. Using this jack socket you can optionally connect an external IR receiver. Note - this must be enabled within the “remote options” configuration page. 
3 IR Blaster outputs
Twin high power IR emitters. Not used for the KiraQ.
4 DC input socket
Connect the supplied KT9USB cable to a suitable USB power outlet or use a DC adaptor rated between 7.5v and 9v >200mA
5 Reset Button
Press briefly to cycle through the information on the OLED display. Press for two seconds until the status LED changes colour then release ro reboot. Press for two seconds,
release then press again to perform a full reset.
6 IR Receiver
Contains a built-in high accuracy receiver. Aim your remote control here.
7 Status LED
Provides quick visual confirmation for all functions. Green indicates a normal process, Blue provides confirmation that a command has been sent to a Sky box and red indicates an issue that needs attention.
8 OLED Display
This will guide you during setup, provide confirmation of operation and provide warning of any issues. It can also display time & date if required.

kira wr-connections

1 Expansion Port
Connects expansion module to the Kira module.
2 Ethernet Port
Network Connection. The Kira module wireless network is disabled when this module is connected. 
3 RS232 Port
3.5mm jack socket. Use with KLD80 cable, configured tip to pin 2, ring to pin 3 and barrel to pin 5 (gnd).

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