kira w-connection-diagramkira w-connection-diagram

The Expansion module provides a way to use a wired ethernet connection and RS232 with the Kira module. It is connected to the Kira module via a 14 way ribbon cable and does not require any external power.

To attach you must first disconnect the Kira module from power. This step is very important as the Kira module only checks for the presence of the expansion module during the initial boot. the expansion module is connected reconnect the power to the Kira module. During boot you should now see “Ethernet mode” displayed.

If you had previously connected the Kira module wirelessly you will find that the wired ethernet will have acquired a different IP address. This will be displayed for you to browse to and complete the set-up.

The RS232 port is enabled by default and you will find a new RS232 menu option to configure the baud rate. Please see the RS232 tab above for more details.

To remove the expansion module and revert back to wireless simply disconnect the power, remove the expansion module connector and reboot. Bear in mind that the module IP address will change.

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