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IPMSW1 Plus IP mains power switch

The IPMSW1 Plus is an IP controllable mains power switch. It has two independent mains outlets that can be controlled in a number of ways.

  • Simple browser button based on / off control.
  • Full browser based set-up and timer configuration
  • Adjustable power fail re-start options allow each switch to delay up to 255 seconds before switching on. Ideal for remote re-start of systems that require 2 stage start ups
  • 3 timer events per switch with daily weekly or monthly repeats
  • During each timer event the switch can be set to either on or off.
  • Ping feature with on/off/cycle output on failed reply
  • Manual override button for each switch
  • Connect to ethernet or wireless network
  • Optionally add extra manual switch control via jack socket

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