I can't get the Java utility program to run

The program runs under java and for it to work correctly on your computer you must have the latest version of java installed. The java software is free and your system can easily be checked and updated by pointing your browser at and following the links. 

If you have previously installed software on your computer for use with a symbian based mobile phone it is possible that this software will associate itself as the default program to run all files with a “.jar” extension. If this is the case then select “open with > java” to run the Keene software.¬†

If double-clicking fails to launch the java software try the "kira.bat" file or the"kira.exe" file also included.

I've connected my module to the network but I can't view the web page

Check that your computer IP address is set correctly (see "IP addresses")????

Check that the your firewall is correctly configured and not blocking access to the module.

I'm aiming my remote ate the KiraMTR but nothing seems to be happening

If you are using the internal IR receiver make sure that option is selected under the "options" page. Similarly if you are using a plugged in external receiver make sure that option is enabled.

Also see the IR Tips section below.