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This page is password protected. The default settings are:
Username: admin
Password: K2AUDIO!
These can be changed by following the “change password” link.

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Box Setup
This is where you configure the boxes you wish to control. The module can store up to 10 boxes (0 through 9) and you can assign each one a friendly name, eg “study, Kitchen, Room3" etc.

If you know the IP address for the box simply enter it into the appropriate slot, type the friendly name and then check the box and click on “Save Changes”.

If you do not know the box IP address you can initiate a search checking the box and clicking on “Save changes”. This will scan the network and attempt to resolve a valid IP address. This process can take up to two minutes so please wait until the display has shown that the reboot is complete. After the reboot refresh the screen and if found you will see the box IP address. Repeat the prices to assign a friendly name.

You can switch between boxes via the web page or by remote control:
To use the web page just click the “select” button then click “save changes (without checking the box).
To use the remote first press the BLUE button followed by the number you wish to switch to, eg BLUE then 2 will select Box 2 as the active one.
After each switch the module will perform a check to make sure that the box IP address is valid and control is possible. After a short while you will see “sky box connected” to let you know all is well. If there is an error you will see a message directing you to the module web page to check the settings.

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