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Module Configuration

Each IRAnywhere module has a built in web page that allows you to configure it to your requirements.

If you intend to use the modules as an IR receiver/transmitter pair over a local network then no configuration is required and you can procede straight to the "Module to Module" section under "Operation". If you intend to use the modules with a PC, PDA or via the internet then please read on.

To access the modules from your PC type the IP address or module name into your browser bar. If still at factory default these will be:

http://target for a target (IR emitter)
http://receiver for a receiver

(note the lack of "www")

The welcome page should now be visible on screen (see "troubleshooting" if this does not happen)


Click “configuration” and a password request box will appear.

The user name is: Keene
The password is: Electronics

The first letter is a capital in both cases and it is case sensitive.

You can now use the configuration pages to make a number of changes. Please click the menu tabs for an explanation of each item.