kira wt-connections

1 Ethernet socket
For direct cabled network connection.
2 External IR Receiver socket

Optionally connect an external IR receiver (product code IRFMRW).
3 IR Blaster output
Built-in high power IR emitter. Direct this towards the equipment to be controlled.
4 External IR Output socket
Optionally connect an external IR emitter or to the input of an IR distribution amplifier.
5 DC input socket
Connect the supplied KT9USB cable to a suitable USB power outlet or use a DC adaptor rated between 7.5v and 9v >200mA
6 Reset Button

Press briefly to display module IP address. Press for two seconds then release to reboot and preserve settings. Press for two seconds, release then immedialtely press and hold again for a full factory reset.
7 IR Receiver
A built-in high accuracy receiver is located to the right of the oled display. Aim your remote control here.
8 Blue LED
This will flash whenever IR is received.
9 Green LED
This will flash whenever an acknowledgement signal is received back from a target module.
10 Red LED
This will normally pulse slowly as a system heartbeat to indicate all is well and it will flash quickly in the event of a network error.


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