Which firmware do I need?

The text at the bottom of the homepage will let you know if a more recent firmware is available. If it says "Installed firmware version 1.xx.xx” then choose the v1  firmware below, if it says v2.xx.xx select the v2 download.

Click the “download firmware" button and choose a location to save the file.

Return to the module pages and choose “Configuration” then select “Flash Update”. 

Within that section click “choose file” and browse to the saved file. Click on “upgrade” and wait whilst the upgrade is performed.

Note that your module needs to be connected to your local network as per the “advanced section”.

IMPORTANT: v2.xx and above firmware was released in November 2023. Modules purchased prior to this date will have firmware version beginning with 1.xx.
The only difference between the versions is added support for https GET requests within v2. It is not possible to do an over the air update from version 1 to version 2. If you have a version 1 module and require https GET support please contact K2Audio support for more information. 

Latest Firmware Version: 1.82.04

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