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Locating Modules

Once the Java program has been launched it scans the network to find any Modules present. The status in the RH window will change as soon as any modules are found.


To see detailed information, click the "discovery" menu and and the welcome screen will change to a detailed information window.

If more than one KIRA module is found on the network you can switch between them using the drop down menu.

If a module is found that is on a different subnet to the computer running the Java program a warning will appear and present you with the options to enable DHCP or force the module to the current subnet.

If you leave the module on a different subnet without taking any further action you will be unable to view the web pages from that computer.

If the module IP is NOT displayed then from the Actions menu choose "force all modules to current subnet"). This should only need to be used if your network does NOT use DHCP and you have attached the modules to a network with a address that is not