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Set Up Ping

The built in Ping feature can be set to monitor an IP address (or url) and perform an action if there is no reply to the ping request. This can be very useful for monitoring and automatically power cycling failed network equipment.

First choose either output 1 or output 2 and then check the "enable pings" box.

A ping consists of a set of four requests with a two second timeout per request. Once enabled this set of four requests is sent every 10 minutes. As soon as one successful reply is received no further requests will be sent from that set. Only one of the four requests needs a reply for the process to be deemed successful. Failure of all four requests will trigger the selected response.

"Do nothing" will transmit as soon as you press the "test" button and the response will be visible on screen.

"set output to off" or "set output to on" will change the status of the selected output if the ping reply fails. After the first failure the process will end and no further pings will be sent.

"cycle the output" will set the chosen output 'off' for 30 seconds then 'on' again if the ping reply fails. In this mode up to 10 fails are allowed before the service is disabled. After ten consecutive failures the process will end and no further pings will be sent. Note that the output will be left in the 'on' state.

Please note:
Before using this feature it is recommended to verify that the IP address you are pinging is valid and is not being redirected to give a falsely positive response.