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Basic operation

(for using two or more IR Anywhere modules together)

Lets assume you wish to control a set top box from another room where you have a remote TV.

Connect an IR emitter to the target module and position it so that the output points towards the IR receiver window of the device you wish to control. The emitter will need to be close to the IR receiver window to ensure reliable operation, ideally within 15cm. If you are not sure exactly where the IR receiver window is you can experiment by cutting a small circle in a piece of card and holding it in front of the device whilst you operate the remote control. As you move the card along you should be able to find the area that gives best results and then make sure that the IR emitter from the KIRA is positioned accordingly. If you wish to control more than one device you can connect the output from the KIRA module into another IR distribution amplifier (such as the IRBKIT) and use the multiple outputs to control several devices.

Place the IR receiver module in a convenient position whereby its IR input window will pick up the signal from your remote control.

Connect the power supply to each module and connect them both to the network.

Observe the LED’s. Upon initial power up the “power” and “acknowledge” LED's will be illuminated for a second or two, then the “acknowledge” LED should go out and the “activity” LED begin to flash. The rate of flash will give you an indication of its status:
Twice per second = looking for another module or computer on the network
Once every five seconds = found another module or computer on the network.
(see “Advanced software” for computer information)

Once the flash rate has become stable, wait a further 30 seconds then test the modules. If all is well then you should now be able to control your set top box by pointing your remote control at the receiver module.