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Product objective


The KIRA 128 RS232 is part of the Keene IR Anywhere range, and as with the other models in this range it enables IR commands to be sent via a local IP network or internet.

The KIRA 128 RS232 can act as an IR receiver or as a target (IR emitter). If used as a receiver it will convert the received IR signal to packet data and send that data to a predetermined IP address (usually another IR Anywhere module). The receiving module will then decode the data and re-transmit the IR as originally received. The IR Anywhere modules have their own IP address and can be software configured to operate as either a receiver, a target or stand-alone. They will operate via LAN, and also via WAN assuming firewall and routers are correctly configured.

The KIRA 128 RS232 is capable of capturing and storing up to 128 IR codes in it’s on-board memory. These codes can then be accessed and triggered by any device with web browser capability from a local network or internet. For example, once you’ve stored some codes you can use a smart-phone or PDA as a remote control and issue commands from anywhere in the world that you have internet access.